The Key of Life has changed my beliefs about life and death forever. I met Randy on Aug. 23rd and my father passed away just a few weeks later, on Sept. 14th. This book eased my pain so much during this difficult time. And I could not believe the significance of these dates with those in the book! If you have ever even thought about the possibility of reincarnation, you must read this book. 

Trudy Clarke, Butte MT

I approached Randy’s metaphysical exploration with interest. There were a few surprises at the outset, the first being that I liked reading The Key of Life (there were ‘good books’ on the NY Times bestseller list I didn’t necessarily like). The next surprise wasn’t so much a surprise as it was a confirmation when I discovered that Randy’s ‘hands-on’ testimonial to the existence of higher fields of influence would be absorbing and genuine even to the hard-core disbeliever. For as far out and high up as the death of an old friend took him, the surer it was that his budding bond with that higher spirit would lead him home to perception and resolution. Whatever hell Randy Rogers had to cross to reach his heavenly cause, he took us with him, round trip. And this reader felt the better for it.  

Shirley Jones, actress

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The Key of Life: A Metaphysical Investigation… is a very personal and life changing experience. We emerge from it… enlightened and inspired. Congratulations, what an accomplishment!

Maria Shriver, First Lady of CA, Author of Just Who Will You Be?: Big Question, Little Book. Answer Within.

The Key of Life is a frank, insightful chronicle of one man's spiritual odyssey. Everyone can relate in some way to his experiences. We may interpret them differently, yet Randy's ability to pull us in and share his drama takes us, in fact, to the same spiritual home.

Lynda Neff, West Virginia



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