Randolph J. Rogers


Randy Rogers is the president of Telefilm, Inc., a Los Angeles based production company.   His career spans four decades of working in the newspaper, television and motion picture business.   During that time, he has covered every type of major news event from George McGovern’s 1972 election bid to the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in 1989. His company, Telefilm, has handled the promotion of the world’s biggest motion pictures including The Matrix, Harry Potter, Pearl Harbor, Batman, Superman, Shrek, Toy Story, Iron Man and Indiana Jones.

Growing up in the western Pennsylvania steel town of Johnstown, Randy asked for his first camera from a Green Stamps catalog on his 10th birthday.   That camera started him on a life long path as a photographer.   His first part time job in 1969, as an usher at the State Theatre, subtly foretold where that path would be heading.   From that day forward, Randy worked in the news and motion picture business.

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Randolph J. Rogers



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